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Updated: Jan 11, 2021

TvToday main objective is to help you discover THE content you need for your VOD service. That's why the Discovery and Search pages are key in our platform.

In this article, I'll show you how to discover new content and more specifically the Films, TV Series or Short Forms that is relevant for your VOD service and audience.


The Discovery page is the first one you'll see when you log in on TvToday. This page displays several carousels based on the following parameters:

- Content genres: Sci-Fi, Comedy, etc.

- Interest: Outdoor, Music, etc.

- Audience: Kids, Young adults, etc.

- Trending topics: Female empowerment, Climate change, etc.

- Events & Celebrations: Ramadan, Christmas, Valentine's day, etc.

The discovery page will be updated on a regular basis to highlight trending topics and regional events & celebrations.


The Search page is easily accessible from the website header. From there you can see all the content available on TvToday.

We've included filters to help you narrow down your results, as more and more content will be added to the platform on a regular basis. If you select more than one filter at a time, the result will match both filters.

- Type: Films, TV Series, Short Forms, Web Series and eSport videos.

- Genres: Action, Biography, Horror, Lifestyle, Sci-Fi, etc.

- Country


- Age: Kids 6-11, Young Adults 18-24, Adults 35-44, etc.

- Gender

- Censorship: G, PG, PG-13, R, etc.

- Audio

- Subtitles

Any feedback about the Discovery and Search pages? Let us know!

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

You are interested in a movie, a TV Series or another piece of content, it's time to initiate a deal!

For now the only option on TvToday is to click on the button "Make An Offer", available on any listing page. A form will appear where you can write down all the required information.

More options will come soon: "Request a proposal" for potential buyers without a specific price and "Send an Enquiry" in case you have any questions about the content.

What's next?

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