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Imru' Al-Qais
TV Series
1 season
30 episodes
Born in Najd in 501 AD, Imru’ Al-Qais’s father was Hujr bin Al-Harith, wandering from place to place in search of entertainment and obscenity. The news of his father’s murder by someone from the Bani Asad tribe rebelling against him for his severity and tyranny is brought to him, to which he famously says: “He let me stray when I was young, and now that I am grown he has burdened me with his blood. There will be no alertness today, and no drunkenness tomorrow, today is for drink and tomorrow for serious matters.” He swears to himself not to eat meat or drink wine until one hundred people of the Bani Asad are killed and another hundred are in grief. Imru’ Al-Qais plans to avenge his father and so asks for assistance from the Bakr and Taghlib tribes, who help him and topple the Bani Asad, killing many of them. However Imru’ does not stop at this, heading to Constantinople wanting Caesar to help him revenge but his hopes do not materialise and Imru’ Al-Qais becomes miserable. On his way back, a disease similar to smallpox spreads, blistering his body, and he becomes known as “Dhi Al-Qorouh” (the one with sores), dying in 540 AD and is buried in Ankara. Imru’ Al-Qais is considered to be one of the most famous Jahili poets due to his exceedingly distinctive poetry; the first to stand a top of ruins and the first to describe the night, riding and hunting.
نورمان اسعد-رشيد ملحس-زهير النوباني-غسان مسعود-نجاح سفكوني
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Imru' Al-Qais
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Imru' Al-Qais
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