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The Invasion
TV Series
1 season
33 episodes
The story takes place during the Israeli invasion of the city of Ramallah and the siege of the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem and the city of Jenin and its camp. The series goes beyond the typical and overused approach to offer an account that is full of life and passion by dramatically capturing the daily life of the Palestinian people. The story depicts real incidents and details starting with the love affair between Mustafa, the young Palestinian fugitive, and the Israeli young woman, Yaeel, which starts after Mustafa and his runaway friends rescue two girls who’ve had a car accident: Meryem (48 Arab Palestinian) and Yaeel (a Jew).Yaeel provides Mustafa with inside information passed to her by her brother, who is an Israeli Army officer. The plot builds up in a poignantly dramatic way, so here’s the story of Abou Salem and his children and their manifold and entwined relationships then on to Jenin where there’s Abou Khalid’s family and his kids: Khalid the teacher, Amjad the detainee, Mustafa the fugitive and Hanan the nurse in addition to other characters taken from the reality brought by the satellite channels starting with Abou Basel, Abou Jandal and Al Tawalbeh through Saeed, the cameraman who’s looking for the shot of a lifetime, and up to the story of Palestinian women prisoners and how they suffer even after they are released from prison, considering the inhuman torturing and crimes they were put through behind bars. It is a story of love and war. It is a story of life itself
عباس النوري-صبا مبارك-منذر رياحنة-اياد نصار-ديما قندلفت-مكسيم خليل-نادرة عمران-ندين تحسين بك
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The Invasion
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The Invasion
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