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The Sheikha
TV Series
1 season
30 episodes
"Fatima, is the only and most loved daughter of the Shahdane Chief of Tribe. She strongly falls in love with Sheikh Hassan, who is the Sahlane Chief of Tribe, and weds to him so happily, despite his being widowed with two daughters, Hala and Siham. Fatima devoted her life and love to her husband, and lived happily with him, tenderly sheltering his two daughters. Two years later, Fatima lost her husband, when Halima, the aphonic, mistakenly poisons him, after conspiring to kill Fatima, her rival, to win Sheikh Hassan's heart. But destiny remains on Fatima's side; following her husband and father's death, she becomes the chief of both Shahdane and Sahlane tribes, ruling the Sultan Village with so much strength and wisdom, wisdom inherited from a brave father and a judicious husband. Fatima leads a fight against her husband's brother Sheikh Abdul Mouhaymen, eager to take over the power, whatever the price may be, but with the support of her husband's second brother Sheikh Abdel Fatteh, she remains the one and only Sheikha, with all her might and strength and horror. Fatima later gave firth to a baby daughter whom she named Dalia, and a baby boy, whom she named Said, thus satisfying her deceased husband's wish who never had the chance to witness the birth of a son. After the outbreak of the war between Iran and Iraq, the Sultan Village, being across the border, was the target of heavy bombardment and military efforts. Sheikha Fatima decides to move to Baghdad, she became a prominent business lady and an outstanding merchant in theflourishing capital of Iraq... "
Rana Abyad, Karim Mohssen, Joumana Fouad, Abdel Mottaleb Al Sanid, Abir Chamesddine, Hussein Ajjaj, Hana Mohamad, Saad Mohsen, Nadine Salameh
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The Sheikha
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The Sheikha
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