The OTT Video Ecosystem in Middle East & North Africa

Learn about the local and international streaming services targeting the MENA region

What you will learn

The active streaming services


Their business models & pricing strategies


Their content proposition

Their targeted audience

Their platform specs & features

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Who is this digital product for?


- Content providers who want to distribute their content to OTT services

- Platform providers who want to target the region and understand the OTT ecosystem

- Local OTT services who want to have an updated overview of the competition

- International OTT services who want to target the region

- Media consultants who want to offer services in the region

Who should not buy this report?

If you already know all the OTT services available in Middle East & North Africa, their business models & pricing strategies, the content their offer and the audience they target. If you are also looking for forecast of revenues and subscribers per service, this course is probably not for you.