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The Branded Licensing Platform is here, powered by TvToday

Content sellers! Create your smart catalogue today and start distributing your content from your own platform 🚀

TvToday designed a new version of its successful online VOD exchange that can be branded to your look and feel. You can create your online catalogue instantly and let your buyers benefit from TvToday smart licensing features: free online discovery, pre-approved rights & avails, deal accelerator tools, etc.

TvToday white-labeled solution offers a unique commission-free system with a monthly or annual flat fee, depending on the plan you choose. Full transparency, no hidden fees.

Branded Licensing Platforms on the Web

With TvToday Branded Licensing Platform, you can:

  • Showcase your content with an improved discovery experience and capture buyers’ attention

  • Speed up your sales cycle: get qualified offers and close a deal in days

  • Customize your branded platform with your logo, an amazing banner and a colorful header

  • Drive your buyers to your website or social media accounts

  • Gain valuable insight into your traffic and discover which content is performing

Interested in TvToday Branded Licensing Platform? Try it for free here:

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