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CLIPS - The only link content owners will ever need

Connect your audiences - customers & business followers - to your content with just one link

It’s 2021, you already managed to build large communities on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. 👏

BUT you still have to decide what you are going to promote through your social links: your top TV series already released on Netflix, your latest short form trailer available on YouTube, one of your library movies promotion on iTunes, or your online catalogue for your business partners. It’s a bit frustrating, right?

We at TvToday are always thinking about your success. That’s why our social landing page - CLIPS - makes your content more discoverable and more likely to convert. We give you flexibility to drive your followers to your online catalogue, but also to your streaming partners, news, promotions, and much more.

CLIPS on mobile

With CLIPS you can:

  • Customize your CLIPS with your logo and a short description

  • Promote your new releases on a mobile friendly banner

  • Tell your followers where they can watch your TV series and connect them to your streaming partners

  • Drive your business followers to your online catalogue to license your content with TvToday

  • Share the good news: participating to MIPCOM this year? Got that award from Cairo international Film festival? Let your followers know!

  • Gain valuable insight into your traffic and discover which content is performing with your audience


Leave the multitasking to CLIPS

Interest in CLIPS? Try it for free here: